How your information will be used

The service is run by the Home Office and its suppliers.

The information you provide is used to:

  • calculate the payment for your Immigration Health Surcharge
  • process your visa application
  • help prevent and detect crime

The information may also be used to improve the service and train staff. The Home Office may contact you directly about this.

Sharing your information

Your information will be shared with the National Health Service (NHS) in England. This is to help you access health services in the United Kingdom should you need to. The information you provide may also be shared with other organisations to:

  • process your application
  • check it is correct
  • help prevent and detect crime, eg fraud and money laundering

They may also use your information for their own purposes.

Other organisations include the NHS, WorldPay, UK government departments and fraud prevention agencies.

How information held by fraud prevention agencies may be used

Protecting your information

The Home Office will:

  • keep your information safe and secure
  • only ask for what is needed
  • only keep your information for as long as it is needed

Your information will not be made available for commercial use without your permission.

Get more detail about asking to see your information or to complain about how your data has been handled