Terms and conditions

The payment towards the cost of healthcare is called the Immigration Health Surcharge (IHS).

If you need to make this payment, you will be taken to the WorldPay website. WorldPay will process your payment according to the WorldPay terms and conditions.

WorldPay is responsible for the information you enter onto their website and for the availability of their service.

The IHS is charged in Locally Acceptable Currency in the same way as visa fees, using rates set under the UK Consular Rate of Exchange mechanism and may be subject to change.


You will receive a full IHS refund if your visa application is refused, rejected or withdrawn.

If your visa application is approved but you are not granted the maximum amount of leave for the visa, you will receive a partial IHS refund.

If your visa application is approved and you are granted the maximum amount of leave, you won’t be able to request an IHS refund.

Paying for NHS services

If you are not required to make a IHS payment this does not automatically mean you are exempt from paying for NHS services.

Changes to your application

You must contact UK Visas and Immigration of any change to your circumstances that would result in changes to the information in your IHS application.

References to countries and nationalities

In the application, a country or territory may be listed as a nationality or country because it has a passport-issuing authority.